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            Brick production line

            Author: yisainuo Time: 2018-01-22 13:34:38

            Processed products: 200X100X60mm pavement tiles

            Production capacity: 10,000 / 8 hours

            Equipment configuration: electronic batching machines, mixers, belt conveyors, brick machine, fabric machine, stacking machine.

            Process Introduction

            Automatic cement brick machine can produce all sizes of solid brick, porous brick, hollow block brick, pavement tiles, etc., to replace the abrasive, a multi-purpose machine.


            The raw materials are fed into the electronic batching machine by the forklift truck, and the electronic batching machine is controlled by the PLC. Each raw material is weighed to achieve the exact ratio. The configured raw material is lifted into the mixer for adding water and stirring. The well-stirred material is then transported to the brick silo through the belt conveyor for use. The brick making machine adopts PLC control, and the entire process of brick making is fully automatic without human intervention.

            Brick production line