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            Molybdenum ore beneficiation production line

            Author: yisainuo Time: 2018-01-22 11:35:04

            Processing materials: molybdenum ore

            Production capacity: 0.2-8m³ / min

            Equipment configuration: Vibrating feeder, coarse jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, mining mixer, flotation machine, thickener, dryer and so on.

            Process Introduction

            The molybdenum ore beneficiation production line is the most commonly used beneficiation production line in the industrial beneficiation production line. It is mainly suitable for beneficiation operation for various kinds of ore such as iron ore, copper mine and molybdenum mine, with simple and easy operation, reasonable technology and investment economy , Economic and environmental protection, high recovery rate advantages.


            Molybdenum ore mining by the first jaw crusher preliminary broken, and then through the fine jaw crusher ore crushed to a reasonable degree of fineness after the elevator to the hopper, and then by the feeder evenly into the ball mill by the ball mill Grinding the ore, then the resulting fine material into the spiral classifier, spiral classifier solid particles with different specific gravity, and the speed of precipitation in the liquid is different principle, the ore mixture was washed and graded. Unqualified is returned to the mill to continue grinding, qualified minerals are sent to the mixing drum full mixing, fully stirred material into the flotation machine full contact with the drug after the reaction of mineral-containing foam from the scraper to the foam tank Drying can be.

            Program advantage

            1, the entire mineral processing line using computer remote control of all aspects, without too much staff, more flexible operation, saving more than 60% of labor costs.

            2, strong system security, scientific control of flotation reagents to avoid waste, improve the flotation accuracy of 30%, low failure rate and reduce accidents.

            3, low power consumption, large capacity, higher grade refined concentrate, the market value is more substantial, and the operation of no tailings, backwater, noise, dust and other pollution, green production.

            Molybdenum ore beneficiation production line