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            Phosphate rock flotation equipment production line

            Author: yisainuo Time: 2018-01-22 11:33:20

            Project Status

            Project Name: Yunnan Phosphate Rock Flotation Equipment Production Line

            Equipment configuration: flotation machine, swing feeder, vibrating screen, jaw crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, mixing drum.

            Processing materials: monomer dissociation difficult phosphate rock

            Production capacity: 300 tons / day

            Project Introduction:

            A phosphate rock in Yunnan is a low-grade calcium silicate phosphate rock, small particles, useful minerals and gangue mineral Khenpo close, more difficult to choose. Red Star machine using double reverse flotation of the phosphate rock beneficiation method, the ore grade of 18.55%, the concentrate grade of more than 40% of the sorting index, beneficiation low cost, high recovery rate, the height of the customer satisfaction.

            The company is located in:

            Client feedback

            At room temperature, the double reverse flotation process floats more and more, the technical principle is more reasonable; using alkali-free process and medicament is non-polluting, it will not harm the environment and production; effectively reducing the dressing cost and high recovery rate, bringing us economy benefit.