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            Kunxun Newest KX-CI5X Series Impact Crusher

            Author: yisainuo Time: 2018-01-29 09:19:11

            KX-CI5X Impact Crusher is new equipment made in Kunxun machinery . This machine integrates many technology achievements including high-accuracy rotor, multifunctional hydraulic operating system and efficient involute crushing cavity, which can help clients win more benefits.

            KX-CI5X Series Impact Crusher is new equipment satisfied customers requirements abut efficiency and output size. Depending on unique design, advanced processing technology and quality raw materials, KX-CI5X Series Impact Crusher has been the leading equipment. Compared to traditional impact crushers, the equipment utilize newest achievements in scientific research including heavy rotor, multipurpose hydraulic system and efficient involute-shaped crushing chamber, which takes advantages of high efficiency, low costs, easy operation and reliability. The equipment is widely used for coarse crushing and medium crushing in railway, construction, crushing, etc., which creates higher value for customers.

            Impact Crusher