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            Brick production lineBrick production line

            Brick production line


            1, electronic batching machine

            2, concrete mixer

            3, cement said

            4, screw conveyor

            5, bulk cement warehouse

            6, belt conveyor

            7, forming the host

            8, control room

            9, Stacker

            10, fabric conveyor

            11, fabric said

            12, fabric mixer

            13, fabric warehouse

            14, screw conveyor

            15, fabric cement warehouse



            1.Electronic batching machine

            2.Concrete mixer

            3. Cement said

            4. Screw cement conveyor

            5. Bulk cement warehouse

            6 belt conveyor

            7. forming the host

            8. Stacker

            9. Hydraulic pump station

            10.PLC control cabinet

            11.PLC control cabinet

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